There is a whole lot going on beneath this cover called “reality”. What is considered the conventional truth is not really what it is. Beneath the veil lies something really horrific. An underworld Wallstreet-kind of arrangement where transactions of souls are done, where lost souls are sold for much less than Judas Iscariot sold his Master. The scary part of this is the fact that therein lies the powers that control the world on the surface; The inventors and the politicians. The true password to Fame as Hell gives is submission to the grandmaster of the occultic world. The worship of the fallen angel guarantees immediate rise to power and all the way up the world’s chart of the Richest and the most powerful.

Satan extended a hand of partnership to Christ with a promise of Glory, Wealth and Fame. He must have confused the coming of Christ as yet another fall of an ancient spirit. Perhaps Christ had revolted against his father and was consequently banished. But it didn’t make sense that he Jesus would be living in isolation. Then he wondered what his intentions where. Is he here for something in particular or he is just on exile?

So cunning Satan enquired: Are you the son of God? Turn this stone to bread. If he can then he is a potential threat to my campaign. The response was not satisfactory, he then took him to the zenith of the Temple and asked him to jump off with the assurance of divine protection. The response came negative again but as a confirmation that truly he is the Son of God.

One gift God might have taken from Lucifer when he chased him down from Heaven is the gift of discernment for he could not recognize even the Son of God but only depended on signs. This is one skill he mastered over time with which he empowered his agents across the world whose vocation is to read the signs in the skies and the interpretation of time.

His final attempt was supposed to land him a massive partnership with Christ against God and his armies. If he could get Jesus to step down for him and partner with him he would let him have everything he points at. Could he have done that really? Of course not. Doing that would be completely rendering himself powerless and weaker than he already is. Jesus on his side knew he was lying too and doesn’t have such luxury as everything belongs to his Father. To God be the Glory.

Today, the enemy Satan can boast of capturing millions of God’s children. By so doing he encouraged himself more for gaining such amount of souls. Today he has so much projected the love of money beyond what you can imagine and has thrown the gates of hell open to any one willing to give in exchange for fame and fortune their very own Soul. By so doing he laughs out mocking God. But who can mock Yahweh? What a Man sows he shall reap, says the word of God. The Soul that sins dies.

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